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24×2.125″ New Tires just in. Cream, Clay, Red Wall, Blue Wall, Gum Wall, White

Just in…. 24×2.125″ Beach Cruiser bike tires. We have some new colors such as Cream, Clay, White, Red wall, Blue wall, and Gum Wall.

40psi tires.
Get your tires today. Great for your Rat Rod, Chopper, Schwinn or other bike. We ship Worldwide. Don’t forget to add tubes to your order if needed.



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24″ & 26″x57mm wide rims laced with Sturmey Archer S2C 2 speed kickback Coaster Brake hub & Heavy Duty Spokes

24 heavy duty spokes 2 speed 2





24 heavy duty spokes 2 speed 3





24 heavy duty spokes 2 speed





Here you are looking at a black 24″x57mm wide 36 hole rims laced to a Sturmey Archer S2C 2 speed kickback coaster brake hub with heavy duty stainless steel spokes.

We can build these same wheels with 26″x57mm rims in Powder Coated Black, Anodized Black, Anodized Red, Anodized Gold or Anodized Silver.


We can also build these wheels with regular 14ga stainless steel spokes.

Contact us for more info (310) 350-3950




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26″x80mm & 26″x100mm Wide Rims are on the way .. 36 hole Chopper rims

26x80mm 100mm





These 26″x80mm wide rims and 26″x100mm wide rims are on the way. They will be here by the end of July 2015. We are importing Powder Coated Matte Black and Polished Rims with 36 holes. We custom build wheels for those who need these built.

We can build the 80mm with a Sturmey Archer S2C 2 speed kickback coaster brake hub or even the Shimano Nexus 3 speed coaster brake hub with the twister shifter.

Contact us with any questions. is located in Long Beach, CA 90805 … (310) 350-3950


Great for use on your Chopper, Custom built bike, Lowrider, Retro, Vintage, or any other bike frame where you can mount a 80mm wide rim.

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Black 26″x2″ 57mm wide 72 spoke Coaster Brake wheelset, lowrider, chopper, Rat Rod, Beach Cruiser













Black 57mm wide 26″x2″ beach cruiser wheels with 72 stainless steel spokes. We will use 144 hole hubs for the rear and front.

Great for your beach cruiser, Rat Rod, Classic, Vintage, Beach cruiser or custom built bike.

We custom build these wheels. We can also build with Anodized black rims, Anodized red rims, Anodized silver rims in both 26″ and 24″ rims.


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Nirve Black Fatass 24″x3″ Slick Beach Cruiser tire

Just added these to the site. Nirve Black FatAss 24″x3″ beach cruiser tire. Get yours for one low price. These slick beach cruiser tires will look great on your beach cruiser, rat rod, custom, vintage or classic bike. We have many rare items for your bicycle.


Black Nirve Fatass Beach Cruiser 24″x3″ tire ( One Tire)

Use these on your fat bike, retro, custom built bike.

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Troy Lee Balloon 24″x3″ beach cruiser tires for your Rat Rod, Custom, Vintage, Classic Bicycle

troy lee 3These Troy Lee 24″x3″ balloon beach cruiser tires are just in. We have a limited supply on hand. Once they are gone, they are gone.


Get your tires today for $35 each.  Red Stripe balloon beach cruiser tires are hard to find.




Great for use on your custom rat rod, beach cruiser, vintage bike, classic bike, fat bike beach cruiser…  We sell many other beach cruiser tires in many other colors. These however, are limited to stock on hand.

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Fatbike 26″x4″ Origin 8 Rims with 32 & 36 hole drilling for your Beach Cruiser

48773 Orange Origin 8 rims with 36 hole drilling. These rims are 26″x4″



48664 32 hole drilling on these black rims.


48758 32 hole drilling on these black Origin 8 rims. 26″x4″ wide rims.



48757 36 hole drilling on these black Origin 8 rims. 26″x4″ wide.



48665 32 hole drilling on these black Origin 8 rims. 26″x4″ wide rims.



48665 36 hole drilling on these black Origin 8 rims. 26″x4″ wide rims.




Fatbike Origin 8 Rims are now in stock. All rims are 26″x4″ wide.

Buy your rims for your custom built bike. These come with no spokes, no nipples, and no hubs. We can custom build these wheels for you. Great for use on your beach cruiser.

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Red 26″x2″ beach cruiser Fat Bike Rat Rod style Coaster Brake Wheelset

red rat rod wheelGet these Red Anodized 26″x2″ wide beach cruiser wheels for your Rat Rod coaster brake wheels for your bike today. We have Red, Gold, and Matte Black. They are built with sealed bearing hub on the front with 100mm spacing. The rear wheel comes with a Histop hub with 110mm spacing.

Single wall rims…
Black spokes..
Black hubs..

We can build custom wheels with different color hubs and spokes if spoke size is in stock.

Shop online today.\\ @


We can also build these wheels with the 2 speed kickback Sturmey Archer S2C hub. Contact us for your custom wheels. We can build with stainless steel spokes also.


gold 26x2 rim

26x2 red

26x2 red whole gold 26x2